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Is aloe vera good for acne?
25.02.2016 00:12

Aloe vera is used as skin treatment from so many years and considered as an effective method for improving health and skin related problems. Still there is a question in everybody's mind "Is Aloe Vera good for acne.” The answer will be yes if it is used properly. There are very few people who are aware of the fact that aloe vera has some bad side effects too. You must have always read about its benefits and positive impacts on skin. But everything in this world has some bad sides too.
Aloe vera Side effects
The answer to the question “IS aloe vera good for acne” is hidden in following side effects we are going to discuss here. There are certain things that must be kept in mind while using aloe vera to prevent its side effects. Let’s discuss the side effects of improper use of aloe vera:
You can suffer from diarrhea if aloe vera is consumed in an excess amount. It is because it consists of a laxative substance called anthraquinone, the excess consumption of which can be dangerous.
If you are taking some medicines to treat your disease, you should consult the doctor once before start consuming aloe vera as due to intake of medicines it may cause some allergic reactions.
The laxative substance present in aloe vera may not be effective for all as it may cause severe health problems such as appendicitis, stomach pain, ulcers, colitis etc. You may also suffer from hepatitis because of laxative consumption of aloe vera.
Aloe vera should be avoided by pregnant and lactating women. It may cause miscarriage and may lead to defects in the birth of a child. Not only pregnant women, the children below the age of 12 should also stay away from this laxative substance.
You may suffer from dehydration and your urine may be produced of a different color. It may also create an imbalance in your body.
If you are a heart patient, you should be careful while consuming aloe vera juice. This is because it contains a substance called adrenaline in an excess amount that is dangerous for heart patients. This element may cause the human body to get weak or may lead to irregular heartbeats.
You may suffer from colorectal cancer if you are consuming aloe vera from past one year. The risk of the carcinogenic condition also increases due to excess consumption of aloe vera.
Diabetic patient should also consult a doctor if they are thinking of consuming aloe vera because it may reduce the insulin resistance power of your body.
It may also lead to damage of kidney if consumed in excess.
You may also suffer from the problem of constipation. It is because this laxative substance present in aloe vera may destroy potassium from cells present in your body.
Now you must have understood that aloe vera is effective for acne, provided it is carefully used and in limits. Its excess consumption must be avoided.


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